Is Paintless Dent Repair Right for You?

What to Look For

Everybody wants a sleek and shiny car and hopes their new one stays that way as long as possible. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Maybe someone pulled out a little too fast in a parking lot, or perhaps your cart got away from you as you unloaded groceries. Repairing a dent can help get your car back to its original beauty, and you might not even need to repaint. Check out this guide to determine if paintless dent repair is right for you.

Is the Dent on a Metal Part of the Car?

If the dent is on a plastic or chrome portion of your vehicle, paintless dent repair won’t be an option. However, if your dent is on a metal portion of your car, there is a good chance it will be a candidate. Unfortunately, non-metal dents are often much harder to repair and may even require replacement of the part.

Is the Dent Easy to Get To?

Using the paintless method to repair a dent requires one that is easy to access from the back. For example, many dents on the bumper are easily accessed from the back, but ones near a wheel well may not be. Of course, each vehicle has its own design, so asking your professional if he or she can access the dent from behind is the best route to go.

Is the Car’s Paint Damaged?

Naturally, paintless dent repair requires that your vehicle not need paint. This means that any dent that cracks the paint around the edges is not a candidate for this method. However, minor dents often won’t crack the paint, and that makes it easier for the dent to be removed without any repainting.

Not all vehicles will be eligible for paintless repair; if yours is, there are several benefits. Paintless dent repair doesn’t alter the original factory finish, which retains the vehicle’s value. It also saves time since you won’t need to wait for a paint job to dry. Paintless repair is even more environmentally friendly since the air doesn’t become polluted by paint chemicals. If you are interested in learning more about paintless repair, contact Capital Auto Painting & Collision in Raleigh, North Carolina to get started.

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